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Increased Illnesses

This fall season we have experienced a significant increase in viruses and other illnesses as they are spreading rapidly through school classrooms, sports teams, etc. as children interact more frequently with one another.

Please bear with us in this busy sick season! We are seeing an unprecentented sick volume right now, and we are doing the best we can. Our providers and our phones are busier than ever, and we ask for your patience in this busy time. We are doing our very best to see as many sick patients, and to answer as many phones calls as quickly as we are able to do. This is the situation in all pediatric environments right now - the urgent cares, the ERs, and hospitals.

We are grateful for all of you and thank you for your patience

Rebecca Vickers, MD

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Arundel Pediatrics remains at the forefront of pediatric medicine as our providers stay current on policies, procedures as the recommendations are set forth by the American Academy of Pediatrics.